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“I always thought there was something wrong with me. Now I’m out on my own and even though I have far to go (get a place to live, find a new job, get my car fixed) I finally am starting to feel whole. I’m finding all the pieces I’ve allowed to fall. I’m picking them up and putting them back where they belong. Those pieces were never meant to be anyone’s responsibility but my own.” -Laura (ETC Graduate)

"I came across this program at the exact moment I needed to, and it has been beyond valuable. In all honesty there were moments where I felt like I wasn't make any progress, and ones where I doubted that I ever would. But just doing the work- reading and listening and actually writing out my reflections really did result in clarity. Suddenly my needs and the beginnings of some real boundaries were right in front of me, in my own handwriting! I feel more in tune with myself than I think I ever have, and I am so grateful for you Leanne, and this incredible course. Thank you so, so much." - J.P (ETC Graduate)

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