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Does Your Relationship Make You Feel Like You're Going Crazy?

Inside the 3 Part Intro Course We'll Be Covering:

  • The abuse cycle and how to identify the 4 phases
  • The major mistakes you're making that keep you stuck in the emotional highs and lows cycle
  • The inner work you must do to change the patterns and get clarity on if (and when) you should leave the relationship
  • What your partner would have to do to actually change his ways
  • 10 Definitive Signs of Narcissistic Abuse
  • 5 Things to Stop Doing To Get Empowered Today
  • BONUS video: Stop Engaging in the HERO Role

If you're ready to get off the rollercoaster of anxiety and exhaustion caused by your relationship, I'll be your guide.

Breaking Up With Toxic Series

You see some signs of change but can he really change for the long term?

Should you keep trying to fix the relationship, or cut your losses and split?

Join my 3 part Breaking Up With Toxic Intro Course for women experiencing toxic cycles of narcissistic abuse who want to know whether their relationship can (or should) be saved.

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