A free on-demand online class

How to Know Whether
to Stay or Go

For Working and Entrepreneurial Women who Are Exhausted from the Rollercoaster of Balancing Career, Parenting and Living in a Narcissistic Relationship

"nOthing changes until something changes within YOU"

the last class you'll ever need to watch to know your next steps

Taught by a former therapist that gets you results you won't get in therapy

After taking this class you will:

  • Know the 3 biggest mistakes you're making in your relationship that keeps you in the painful emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs (and how to embrace your inner badass, powerful woman within)

  • Learn exactly how to feel more in control over your situation (even when your spouse never takes responsibility for any of his behavior and always makes things your fault.)

  • Discover (against popular advice given) why leaving before you're 100% ready can backfire, and what to do instead

"Before I found Leanne, I had spent a year reading and watching everything I could get my hands on about narcissistic abuse. I went from simply being educated about it to being supported and coached in such a caring and understanding way that gave me the strength and validation to leave. If I wanted to stay, she would have certainly helped me with that too. That’s what is different with Leanne. She supports you with whatever you decide to do.” ~ Jennifer


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