End The Cycle of Crazymaking and Confusion in 30 Days So That You Can Take Your Next Empowered Steps Toward a Healthier and Happier Life

"ETC offers specific information that helped me understand not only the spectrum of narcissistic behavior but also my own role in the relationship. ETC also hammered home the importance of self-care as a means to place the focus on myself as well as highlight how self-care practices are essential to staying well physically and emotionally."

"Before ETC I was still trying to figure out both me and my husband. ETC helped me to focus solely on me and what I need and want in a relationship. I was able to let go of some things that were not helping me and had actually been hurting me. I gained a lot of confidence about myself and my own abilities. I feel like a capable and empowered woman now. I don’t know exactly what my future looks like but I know I can handle it."

"Before ETC, I was confused and I felt like I was losing my mind. I have been to many therapists and spoke to many friends about what I was going through. Many advised me to "just close the door" and move on, but I couldn't. I felt like no one understood me. I felt alone in my journey. I have lost a few close friendships because they could not understand what I was going through. ETC opened my eyes and made me realize that my feelings were valid. That I am worth it."

"Before ETC, I was leaning toward leaving the relationship, and that's where I am now, except I feel much more prepared mentally and emotionally. I truly believe the boundary work (which I desperately needed to do) will benefit other relationships in my life, and perhaps future relationships. I also learned some things about myself, including how the way I've shown up and reacted to my current relationship is often the way I'm showing up and reacting to other things in my life. This was a powerful realization for me, and was one of several "aha" moments."

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